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At Osage Cottage Renderings we provide a variety of styles that will leave your clients thrilled when they see your stunning designs through our renders. 

kitchen render no walls

Style 1.

Imitating aspects of traditional watercolor, Style 1's soft corners emphasize a homey, welcoming design.

Style 2.

A textured background integrates rustic, old-world charm into design without sacrificing clean lines.

textured background render with shadows
 marker rendering shadow no walls

Style 4.

Marker strokes reduce the rigidity of hard angles and recall the vibrancy of a passionate sketch.


Style 6.

A no-frills, no-fuss option. Displays project details in traditional architectural style.

thick line render shading

Style 8.

Clean and modern, this style minimizes bounding lines which allows for better view of contiguous surfaces.

Style 3.

Strong, broad axial lines emphasize the dynamic angles of your design.  

light scribble render

Style 5.

Inspired by the artifacts of a technical pen, this style draws attention to fine lines and abrupt angles.

traditional render

Style 7.

Straight-line shading adds depth and vibrancy to any design.

no profile lines render

Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC is an architectural visualization company.  We do not offer engineering, architectural, construction, or permitting documents/renders.  

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