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Does Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC offer permitting, architectural, or engineering construction documents? No, Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC specializes as an architectural illustration and visualization firm. We do not supply building or construction documents.

Who are Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC’s clients? Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC collaborates solely with professional architects and interior designers, providing specialized visualization services to enhance their projects.

How does Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC determine pricing for renders? At Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC, we do not charge based on the view or square footage. Instead, our pricing is hourly, a model that provides our clients with optimal flexibility for their design presentation needs.

What is the distinction between an architectural illustrator and a visualizer? The distinction between an architectural illustrator and a visualizer is nuanced. Illustrators traditionally create both interior and exterior renders by hand, although the incorporation of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is increasingly prevalent in modern practices. On the other hand, a visualizer is specifically dedicated to producing renders that are exclusively crafted using CAD software, offering a digital approach to architectural visualization.

Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC is an architectural visualization company.  We do not offer engineering, architectural, construction, or permitting documents/renders.  

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