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About Myself

sunroom photo realistic render blue chair lake view

My name is Michell Lee Pruden.  A few years back a friend, who is also a talented interior designer, mentioned that she was looking for someone who could provide rendering services for her.  As a busy designer, she really didn't have the time to do the renderings herself.  I mentioned that I enjoyed technical drawing and had since my first drafting class in high school, not much later the idea for Osage Cottage Renderings was born.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing designers.  But I don't work with interior designers exclusively, Osage Cottage Renderings is here to provide rendering services to architects, relators, and contractors. 


Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC does not provide engineering, architectural, or commercial design work or advise.

Osage Cottage Renderings, LLC is an architectural visualization company.  We do not offer engineering, architectural, construction, or permitting documents/renders.  

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